Mental Illness, stress, anxiety and time out

Hello there from TBC Private Practice in the depths of Crediton Nr Exeter Devon UK. Hopefully this finds you well and enjoying the onset of spring at last! Just recently I enjoyed a wonderful week snow ski ing in France. So lucky as the sun was out all week, sky’s were blue and the snow cover was fab. Have you got a holiday booked this year? I would love to hear about it. Taking time
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Crafty Depression

Depression has no outward symptoms so others may not realize that you are suffering, they just think you are miserable. It can appear at anytime and any age and it has no boundaries and should never be thought of as a weakness. Depression is cruel and disabling and people around you often don’t understand, or lose patience after a little while after expecting you to ‘snap out of it’ – as if it were that
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Categories: Depression, General and Phobia of flying.