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 Sport Performance

“Joe has enjoyed visiting Teresa and has found a new joy for the sport that he loves that has been missing for a long time”.

Teresa from TBC Private Practice in Crediton nr Exeter in Devon has an excellent track record in treating both top professional athlete’s and amateurs with Sports Performance in many areas of sport such as:

  • Tri-athletes
  • Marathon Runners
  • Golfers
  • Gymnasts
  • cyclists
  • Judo
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Archery

Although Teresa treats many different areas her love of horses has allowed her to specialise in equine related issues . Teresa has an excellent success rate at all levels with:

  • Dressage Riders
  • Show jumpers
  • Event riders
  • Happy Hackers

It could be that you are a nervous rider needing a bit of confidence, or had a fall and need to get back in the saddle. You may be a professional competition rider with an issue that needs resolving – whatever your goal Teresa can help you achieve it.  All consultations are held on line using Zoom or Skype so you don’t even have to leave home to get help!  

What my clients say.

“I discovered Paul McKenna-trained Hypnotherapist Teresa Bulford-Cooper on the internet, as she had helped other people who had lost their confidence around equines and was an experienced horse owner and rider herself, which I felt was vital. So whilst my horse was getting fit I was doing some training of my own in the form of a technique called Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, and hypnotherapy, getting sound advice on dealing with nerves. The hypnotherapy gave me the confidence to drown out that recent negative voice that told me I was not a rider. It helped me remember what I loved about riding, bringing back all those wonderful childhood memories when you are not thinking about falling off and breaking an arm, and whether you can afford the time off work. I made a couple of visits to Teresa at her Crediton base. The sessions were incredibly relaxing; like a mini holiday.” J.E. Exeter.

“Having had no feelings for [my horse] I am now totally in love and rapidly becoming a bore!!’ Thank you so much for your help-it has made so much difference and I’m beginning to feel like I used to before all the disasters happened with the horses and getting more confident each time I ride. Might need to come back to you when I start competing!” N.B Cornwall.

“My son Joe started Judo at age six and was a successful competitor almost from the very start.By the time he was twelve he had won the British National Championships. After a year on the National Team Joe found that competition nerves were creeping into his performance and lessening his enjoyment of the sport he loved and trained hard for. By the time he was fourteen he hardly competed and when he did it was stressful and a traumatic experience.Joe visited several Sports Psychologists for advice on how to cope with competition nerves but nothing seemed to help. In September 2008 he visited Teresa. He liked her straight away and felt relaxed in her company. After two visits to see her he took the acid test; He fought in a very big National tournament held in the Birmingham NIA. He was so delighted with how he fought,the old Joe was back. Joe has enjoyed visiting Teresa and has found a new joy for the sport that he loves that has been missing for a long time. I keep his thoughts fresh about the skills that he’s learnt, and the rather cheeky ring tone song that helps him pre-fight”.

“I can’t pretend, nor would I ever expect, to be the most confident rider in the world. But I can honestly say that thanks to Teresa I have turned my ‘horsey’ life around and it has had a great effect of my happiness and confidence, generally. My horse and I now hack happily around the lanes and are closer than ever. In fact next year we even plan to enter us first show. In the meantime, If he sees something whist out hacking that makes him shy or get overexcited then my first instinct is no longer to panic or to jump off”