Coaching for Adolescents

Teresa has vast experience of, and a natural talent for coaching  adolescents. She has a unique ability to look through their eyes and form an understanding of what is going on in their world. Children travel through many transitional times in their young lives and sometimes it can seem very daunting, dealing with new schools, peers, teachers, parents break up, new partners in a parents life, moving house.

Adolescents live in a very special world characterised by the dance of their hormones and the physical and mental changes they are undergoing. It can be very frightening and confusing for them. Things that appear simple or immaterial to an adult may feel like huge problems to a young person, leading to conflicts and misunderstandings that leave both the adult and the young person feeling they just can’t understand each other and don’t know how to cope and a break down in communications.  

As a consequence the youngster is left with a sense of helplessness and the feeling that no one understands them, resulting in a perception of the world as a frighteningly big and threatening place.

They may feel that they don’t  know what they want or what to do about their future or not happy with the subjects they are taking at school/college but frightened to speak out to parents/teachers.

Using coaching methods either on Zoom or  Skype Teresa can gently tease out the roots of their problems. The result: empowerment with the feeling of being in control and able to find ways in which to cope with, and overcome, their problems.

With the pressure off, a feeling of security can return, bringing a great sense of relief to the youngster and parents.

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