Is the fear of public speaking holding you back?

If you get butterflies in the stomach and start feeling shaky at the thought of public speaking, giving a formal talk or presentation, take heart – you’re certainly not alone! Most people feel anxious about  public speaking, or even addressing a small group of people informally, and for many that anxiety is so intense that it can properly be described as a phobia.

There are a variety of possible reasons for this. Some of the more usual ones are fear of looking foolish by forgetting what to say, or saying the wrong thing; feeling alone and vulnerable in the spotlight; feeling self consciousness about how we look or sound; lacking confidence in our ability to speak well; worrying about having insufficient knowledge of the subject matter; or simply being unused to taking centre stage.

So how can we help?

The good news is that we have the tools and techniques to help you unlearn the fear of public speaking. Like all phobias, the fear of public speaking resides in the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy and NLP bypass the conscious mind and work directly with the unconscious mind, harnessing its immense power to reprogramme itself.

Imagine how good it will feel when you have learned to enjoy speaking in public, knowing that you have the ability to do so confidently, calmly and effectively.

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