Mental Illness, stress, anxiety and time out


Hello there from TBC Private Practice in the depths of Crediton Nr Exeter Devon UK. Hopefully this finds you well and enjoying the onset of spring at last! Just recently I enjoyed a wonderful week snow ski ing in France. So lucky as the sun was out all week, sky’s were blue and the snow cover was fab. Have you got a holiday booked this year? I would love to hear about it. Taking time out is so important to recharge the batteries and for our minds to rest and have chance to catch up!

There is a lot in the media lately about stress related illness (Mental Illness) such as depression,anxiety and stress not only at work but also at home which can lead to big changes in family dynamics which really does effect us and the children more than we realise sometimes. If you are struggling with stress or anxiety either at work or home please book an appointment now by telephoning 01363 775935 or e mail me at [email protected] and lets get it under control.


With Easter just a week away are your thoughts turning to all those lovely irresistible chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies? Remember a moment in the mouth is a life time on the hips as the saying goes! Apparently we are genetically conditioned to search out high calorie foods which can make it all the more difficult to keep that weight stable. Need some help with keeping it under control? Book an appointment with me and see how you can change those cravings into something more healthy for you contact me at [email protected]

Have a lovely Easter break and I look forward to seeing you soon. Teresa.x

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