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Lack of Confidence & Low Self Esteem

 Anxiety spider graphLow self esteem can disable lives and cause serious longterm psychical and psychological damage. You don’t have to live half a life because we can help you to overcome both confidence and self esteem barriers and help you realise your potential to live the life you deserve.


So if you suffer with:


1. Inability to accept compliments and/ or very self critical

2. Focus on the negative aspects of what people say and what life has to offer

3. Unable to assess yourself realistically or fairly

4. Paranoia or over emphasis of the importance of what others opinions are

5. Putting others needs in front of your own and neglecting what’s important to you

6. Eating disorders (including always trying to diet)

7. High levels of anxiety

8. High emotional sensitivity

9. Lacking social skills and/ or self confidence

10. Depression or phases of feeling low or sad

11. Avoid new opportunities, challenges or trying things you’d like to deep down

12. Lack of trust in yourself and about yourself

Then it is time you gave us a call so that we can help you.

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Teresa has professionally recorded a beautiful CD to help with confidence and low self esteem which is available to purchase  for only £10 + P&P here

Confidence and Self Esteem In Children

Teresa is a specialist in working with children and has lead many little souls back to a happy and thriving place. If you are a parent worried that your child needs some help in any way, even if you can’t identify an issue from what your child is showing on the surface, please make an appointment with Teresa as soon as possible. 

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