Coaching Time!



Teresa Bulford-Cooper from TBC Private Practice

Teresa Bulford-Cooper from TBC Private Practice

Hi Folks.

Just returned from the Health Farm where I spent a few relaxing days ( I know, lucky me!).  Laying on the sun bed in the warmth of the conservatory there, I was pondering how I could tell you about the exciting news at the Practice.  I feel sure that you would like share the excitement with me, you see I have been Independently accredited as a CPD Coach with the CPD Standards office! Yes so exciting, I am bursting to share this with you! You can now get those continued personal development (CPD) points you need each year from having coaching with me.  Not only is this tax refundable (so my accountant tells me) but you with have all the benefits of getting to find what it is you really want from life and how to get it.

Do you have problems at work that need sorting out or feel you want to progress but you’re not quite sure how to go about it?  Perhaps its something personal that you are dreaming of achieving? Stuck in a rut and procrastination? No goal is to small or to large – just go for it!  Come on – I can show you how!

Did you know that many big companies (and some savvy smaller ones) these days have cottoned onto how much more productive their staff can be if things at home are running smoothly?  These companies have seen the benefits of getting me in to do parent coaching sessions in an extended lunch break.

Schools (I teach a brilliant coaching programme to the children in schools) and parents are seeing the benefits of the youth coaching that I specialise in with their youngsters. They become more confident, know how to set and achieve their goals.  They become aware of the  soft skills which are needed towards their successful futures.

Talking of schools – you lovely Teachers (on a well earned break) can get your CPD points with me as well now!

Its just so exciting to see you get motivated and on track towards your journey – reaching your full potential, can you see/feel/hear what its like to have achieved it?  Whatever you think you can do you can do – someone famous said that I believe…was it Henry Ford?  Well anyway its quite true.

Contact me to hear more about these exciting coaching packages that I offer.  By the way I can coach you on Skype, phone of face to face so something there for you all – your preference, and of course run workshops and lessons in the work place and schools.  Looking forward to hearing from you, contact me on 01363 775935 or e mail me at [email protected] Bye for now. Teresa.


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