Children & Adolescence Anxiety & Stress

It can be quite a stressful time for some children if they are taking exams, moving up to a new class/year or just starting or changing schools or just trying to get through life the best way they can.  These stresses/anxieties if not treated quickly can turn into full blown phobias and come out in all sorts of different ways.  Sometimes these can be very subtle and you may not notice for a while but usually they start to show extreme anxiety in the form of tummy aches, head aches, feeling sick, panic attacks and in some cases depression or self harming.


What you can do in the first instance

  • Listen to your child and give them one to one attention – they need to feel that they are being listened to and someone can help them with their anxiety or fears.
  • Always check with your GP that there is not a physical problem
  • Book an appointment to see Teresa at the Practice on 01363 775935 or contact us here

Heres a couple of helpful links that may help you.

First time to Uni ?

The transition from college/6th form can be daunting. Maybe the first time living away from home, having to feed yourself and do your own washing!  No one to clear up after happy-positive adolescenceyou and on top of that having to wake up in the morning to get to lectures on time!  On the positive side, you become your own person, start taking responsibility and prove to yourself and others you are a confident capable person.  If you struggle with the latter then come in to see me and we can build your confidence and work on areas of anxiety.  This is something Teresa has done time and time again with many students with great results!

Exam Times

Before you approach your exams a really good CD to listen to which will help you prepare is Take Exams with Confidence, best to get it now and be confident about those exam times.  Not to forget that you will be expected to give presentations, so be prepared for those by regularly listening to my CD called Become a confident speaker, it will stand you in good stead for now and in your future employment.

With all that in mind good luck to all your youngsters out there, think positive and you will have positive results. Teresa. x

Teresa is an expert in treating youngsters in various areas.  

You can  book an appointment to see her here or telephone 01363 775935