Weight loss programme

Need to Loose weight? Fed up with feeling fat and frumpy?       *Imagine yourself at your ideal weight and dress size *listen to the compliments from your family and friends *See and feel the difference in yourself as your self esteem and confidence grows This five session treatment plan from our friendly understanding expert at TBC Private Practice will set you on a recovery path to the person you truly want to and
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Weight loss work shop

    Weight Loss Workshop on Wednesday May 21st Fed up with trying all those diets that don’t work or they do but you pile it back on again – and more? Well come along to this informal work shop and learn how to get a happier, healthier life style using our weight loss programme.  No diets, tape measures or scales in sight! Teresa who is running the work shop was trained by the weight loss
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10 steps to help you keep to your New Year Resolutions

  1.Resolutions are the same as having a goals so make realistic goals and write them down – other wise it will just be a dream.  Something happens in the mid when you write your goals down, they become a reality. 2. Make a commitment to yourself. Tell yourself what your goal is and think about how you can go about reaching it.  Chunk it down into small manageable steps and write a plan of
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Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a Longterm Weight Loss Solution

Did you know that we have the most overweight country currently in Europe? After experiencing little success with traditional methods such as dieting, healthy eating and exercise Britain is now looking to alternative methods of weight-loss. Recently public interest for ‘gastric band’ surgery increased dramatically after a number of celebrity’s have undertaken it – and there has been huge media coverage. In many cases a physical gastric band can be very successful but about 80% of patients
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