Sleeping problems Are you getting a good nights sleep or laying awake looking at the ceiling? Listen to Teresa’s  FREE podcast below and learn what can help to get you off to sleep again.  Sleeping problems podcast I think most of us have had this experience at some point in our lives but for some it is a chronic complaint.  At the Practice have helped clients who had been suffering for some 20 years or
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7 step anxiety control

Seven steps to control Stress and Anxiety Just lately I have had quite a few clients coming to see me here at the Practice in Crediton Nr Exeter Devon for hypnotherapy and coaching for  stress and anxiety related issues, so thought I would jot a few ideas to help anyone out there who could use a few helpful pointers.   Step 1. Mindfulness. Sit/lay quietly and just reflect without analyzing and take your time to:
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Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying At TBC Private Practice at Crediton near Exeter in Devon UK we understand how devastating a fear of flying can be for you and how it can affect work and the whole family. A fear of flying has been deemed one of the most common forms of phobia after research from Hypnotherapy-Direct showed that an estimated twenty to forty percent of the population experienced anxiety and panic during a flight.* Usually based
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Mental Illness, stress, anxiety and time out

Hello there from TBC Private Practice in the depths of Crediton Nr Exeter Devon UK. Hopefully this finds you well and enjoying the onset of spring at last! Just recently I enjoyed a wonderful week snow ski ing in France. So lucky as the sun was out all week, sky’s were blue and the snow cover was fab. Have you got a holiday booked this year? I would love to hear about it. Taking time
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Weight loss programme

Need to Loose weight? Fed up with feeling fat and frumpy?       *Imagine yourself at your ideal weight and dress size *listen to the compliments from your family and friends *See and feel the difference in yourself as your self esteem and confidence grows This five session treatment plan from our friendly understanding expert at TBC Private Practice will set you on a recovery path to the person you truly want to and
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Serene surroundings

Serene surroundings Sitting in the wonderful serene surroundings in Laos Asia, the river running by, surrounded by mountains covered in lush green vegetation and the hot sun baking the ground outside of my shaded area, I feel at peace with the world. Feeling slightly sorry for the young lady over in the hotel reception area who has waited over an hour for a guide to take her on a day trip of the area. After
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