10 steps to help you keep to your New Year Resolutions



1.Resolutions are the same as having a goals so make realistic goals and write them down – other wise it will just be a dream.  Something happens in the mid when you write your goals down, they become a reality.

2. Make a commitment to yourself. Tell yourself what your goal is and think about how you can go about reaching it.  Chunk it down into small manageable steps and write a plan of action towards it for each day.

3. Tell everyone about your resolution. This will make sure you are committed as everyone will remind you!

4. Be nice to yourself if you should have a wobbly moment and slip a little, you are   only human.  Its a fact that if people fall off the wagon they tend to throw the towel in and wait until next year so just remember  – every day is a new start so its ok to start again the next day.

5. Keep listening to that positive voice in your head telling you that you can do it. Dispel any negative voices in your head and turn it into a positive one.

6. Beware of saboteurs- they are out there!  People for many reasons known to themselves love to try and tempt you. Stay strong and laugh at them – not the reaction they expect!

7. Remember the reasons that you are going to reach your goals, put a photo, a magazine cutout or a written affirmation where you can see it on a regular basis.  A visual image can be very powerful, make sure its a positive one, for example if you want to loose weight put a visual aid that looks the way you want to be on the fridge door – not a fat one as this is how your mind will perceive the way you want to be!

8.Do something nice for yourself every day, even if its just 5 minutes. People who are nice to themselves are happier more content people and more likely to achieve their goals.

9. Be realistic, if its weight loss it will take time, theres no over night cure!  Some things take time, so remember that its good to start somewhere and at least you are doing something about it.

10. Make sure you are mentally prepared to take the commitment.  Its no good if you are not in the right place in your head to start trying to do something new. You have to be 100% committed to your goal for it to work.  Find something that will excite/stimulate you to go for it. Theres alway something positive to reflect on why you are committing to your resolution.

Have a wonderful happy and healthy New Year everyone.

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