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Weight Loss & Gastric Banding Hypnosis

At TBC Private Practice in Crediton near Exeter we have our own weight loss system that really works using hypnotherapy, life coaching, NLP,Gastric Band Hypnosis and other tools we have developed over many years – no diets, no weigh-ins, no tape measures in sight, you just have to be dedicated in wanting to achieve a beautiful healthy body and mind.

By helping you to change your life style, behaviour and attitude toward eating and addressing the emotional issues, we can help you bring about the changes you are seeking and get you back onto the path to be the person you want to be

Our top therapist  Teresa is trained to carry out Gastric Band Hypnosis, which is having brilliant results across the world.  Teresa was trained by Paul McKenna (weight loss guru) & Dr Richard Bandler (Co-Founder of NLP) so be assured you are in good hands.

“My visits to Teresa gave me so much more than I could have wished for. I was so delighted with the “new me”, not only with the weight loss but also in discovering a self-confidence which I had never known before.  My self esteem has grown & I now love to go shopping for clothes which I had dreaded in the past because nothing ever fitted except the black trousers & over sized T-shirts!  Thank you Teresa and I so appreciate the ongoing support from you”. G.H, Exeter.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a Long Term Weight Loss Solution

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Do you know that we have the most overweight country currently in Europe? After experiencing little success with traditional methods such as dieting, healthy eating and exercise Britain is now looking to alternative methods of weight-loss.

Recently public interest for ‘gastric band’ surgery increased dramatically after a number of celebrity’s have under taken it and there has been huge media coverage.

Gastric band surgery involves placing a band around the upper part of the stomach which creates a pouch which can only  hold small amounts of food and gives the feeling of fullness – so reducing food intake.

In many cases the actual Gastric band can be very successful but about 80% of patients suffer with nausea and reflux amongst other side affects.

People under going the gastric band operation who can not for some reason get used to it may have to have it removed which can mean even more surgery and a feeling of failure.

The NHS do offer the operation to those who  are prepared to jump through hoops for about a year and there is a very long waiting list.

Going private is a quicker option but will cost somewhere in the region of £5 – £8000.

With the above and more side effects as well as the risk of the surgery it’s self many people are looking to gastric band hypnotherapy which is having amazing results with out having to risk the surgery, expensive price tag and nasty side affects.

Gastric band hypnotherapy involves the use of hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other techniques to lead your mind that you have had a gastric band fitted.

One of the major benefits of our technique – which is not addressed with the physical operation or indeed any weight loss program’s is that we will address your emotional and psychological issues which have been the root of your over eating. This is very important as unless the emotional side is treated the problem will remain.

The virtual gastric band procedure will take place over 5 visits to the practice. On the first consultation we will gather information from you which will help us in your treatment and further visits will involve hypnotherapy, NLP and our own tried and tested weight loss techniques.

The actual operation

We begin by taking you into a deeply relaxed state and whilst In this state of deep relaxation your subconscious mind is susceptible to positive suggestion.

We take you through the operation step by step and throughout the procedure you will be deeply relaxed but you will still be aware of what’s going on around you.

Soon after the procedure you will hopefully feel the sensation of fullness after just a few mouthful’s which will mean that you will feel hungry less often and eat less when you do eat.

You may have to return to the Practice to have the band tightened or loosened at some point after the fitting, depending on how fast or slow the weight is being reduced.


We will give you ongoing free email support for as long as you need it.

What will it cost me?

Your life changing investment is £480 for the whole course (5 consultations)

Gastric Band Hypnosis uses hypnotherapy to convince your mind that you have had a gastric band fitted. This will lead you to feeling fuller faster and stop you from over eating as a surgically implanted gastric band does.

Our system will involve 5 sessions because single-session fixes do not address the important emotional issues that underpin the success of this type of treatment.

Benefits of Gastric Band Hypnotherapy:

  1. No Surgery
  2. 100% Safe
  3. 100% Pain Free
  4. Much more cost effective than surgery, dieting & fads
  5. No time off work necessary
  6. No complications as with surgery
  7. No dieting
  8. Increases self-confidence

What our clients say 

You should be put in a bottle and sold Teresa!  You are just so understanding, practical & down to earth!  I wish I had come to you years ago to lose weight!  I have achieved the weight loss that I had set out to do with the realistic goals that you help me with & am keeping it off with the wonderful new life style I have.  I couldn’t have done it with out you!  Thank you sooooo much. xx P.S. I can now wear that bikini with confidence!”.   A.H, Morchard Bishop. 
Hi Teresa, just to let you know i feel I have really benefited from monday’s session, my almost constant craving for sweet things has gone, and when i got hungry late tuesday evening i found myself automatically making a green tuna salad! Caz.

If you have problems with your weight and you feel out of control then call us for a free pre-treatment phone consultation on Tel: 01363 775935


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