Time to put the feet up!

Kristen Stewart on crutches

Just recently having had a foot operation (not looking as glamourous as Kristen Stewart on the left!) which has lain me up for a few weeks – yes that’s why I have been so quiet!! – has given me time to think and reflect on many issues in life that we all have to cope with.  Having actually had time to read the newspapers, watch the TV and catch up on the world beyond my business has brought a new awareness of the stress in everyday life that people are living with. We seem to be such a stressful and  suffering society. Just imagine if we could all live stress free and live together in a pleasant peaceful way, wouldn’t that be lovely? We all try and deal with stress in different ways, some hold it in and others blast off! I truly believe that we need to teach the younger generation how to deal with stress so that that don’t follow in our footsteps and maybe that dream can be achieved.

When I am working in schools and colleges I notice quite quickly the young ones who suffer with problems that cause them stress, however, there are some that do not show on the outside and internalize their stress and suffer in silence. I was a silent suffer at school and so know all too well how a child can exist in that state. Dyslexia was my problem that remained undetected until I went to University in my 40’s.  It was only then that I realised that I was not thick (as I had felt at school) and discovered that in fact, I just had a different style of learning! Today, I am always pleased to give a talk anywhere within the Exeter, UK region on how I left school with just 6 CSE’s and how I became a very high achiever; sharing my story and experience as a coach to inspire the next generation of leaders. Get in touch if you think sharing my story with your students will help them increase their confidence and raise their self-esteem and acceptance.

Time to put my feet up again so until next time, chill and smile!

Be well,


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