Stress In The Workplace – How To Face It Head On


Stress in the work place

Stress has become a not-so silent epidemic which is slowly draining businesses financially around the world.  According to one study in America, stress affects around thirty million workers a year costing their employers $15,000 per year, per affected employee!  In 2002 the European Survey of Working Conditions showed that the annual EU cost related to absenteeism due to work place stress was £20,000 million… [ publications/publications/reports/TE-81-08-478-EN-C_OSH_in_figures_stress_at_work]

In a study performed every five years by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, stress was documented as being second in line for the ‘crown’ of most common workplace threat; one place behind musculoskeletal conditions.   Their 2010 survey showed that stress in the workplace affects 23% men and 20% of women in all areas aside from anxiety which was reflected as being more of an issue within the women’s category.

Stress itself became a standalone concept, defined as ‘a non-specific response of the organism to any pressure of demand’, in the 1930’s via Hans Selye.  Psychology and other social and scientific sources took on this new concept and made it their own over the proceeding years and soon ‘stress’ become an ailment all of its own.   Stress in the workplace is now recognised as being caused by a number of more specific issues than Selye’s ‘pressure or demand’.  They include:

  • Lack of control Lack of social support
  • Ambiguity of the role Excessive demand
  • Role and workplace conflict
  • Lack of direction and development opportunities
  • Job insecurity Psychological issues such as bullying and/or violence
  • Personal issues (divorce, separation, children, parents, abuse etc)

In other words, as with any situation in life, if the requirement of a person goes above and far beyond their natural coping capability then a natural response is triggered and we now call this response stress.  These responses can come about in any number of ways from psychological such as anger, anxiety, depression and lowered self esteem; physiological such as panic attacks due to a raised heart or breathing rate and behavioural such as inability to perform tasks,  a dependency on substances such as alcohol and drugs and a rise in mistakes, accidents and absence.

It is clear that workplace stress is not a small subject which can be easily rectified with a weekly meeting!  Each employee will be experiencing their own causes and build up of stress and their behaviour will, as a result, come out in totally unique and personal ways…so how can (and should) employers be helping their workers, and themselves, deal with this epidemic?

According to the government website, Health and Safety Executive [] it comes down to the responsibility of many, including the employees themselves.  At board level, directors must monitor rates of absenteeisms and staff turn over, as well as any issues amongst staff members themselves and poor performance, all of which are direct factors pointing to stress related issues.  They must have a clear and concise health and safety policy in place and as and when required, a strategy to deal with employee stress management.

Human Resources are in a position to assist their employers in dealing quickly and efficiently with stress related issues in the workplace in many ways including staying up to date on current workplace stress practices, sourcing evidence of specific employee issues, drawing up and providing stress related information to employees and and reporting concerns to directors and managers as and when necessary.

Line managers much be proactive in addressing stress related absenteeism and workplace issues by monitoring their staff, identifying when an employee is having issues and documenting the evidence before reporting their concerns to the appropriate personnel.

Employees themselves are in the best possible position to help themselves when it comes to workplace stress issues.  By being open about any pressures they feel are putting them at risk of stress related ailments, discussing ways to assist in putting an end to the stress and taking active advantage of any stress related assistance their employers offer, employees can ensure that they are working in a happier and more relaxed environment each day.

TBC Private Practice offer companies the answer to keeping stress levels to the minimum by regular visits to their work place providing group relaxation techniques, one to one coaching and hypnotherapy. For details of this please e mail or telephone 01363 775936.

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7 step anxiety control

stress free life styleSeven steps to control Stress and Anxiety

Just lately I have had quite a few clients coming to see me here at the Practice in Crediton Nr Exeter Devon for hypnotherapy and coaching for  stress and anxiety related issues, so thought I would jot a few ideas to help anyone out there who could use a few helpful pointers.


Step 1. Mindfulness. Sit/lay quietly and just reflect without analyzing and take your time to: Listen – What you can hear, the sounds around you inside and outside, just accept them and let them be. What you can feel, your breath – rise and fall of your chest. How your body is being supported by the chair/bed. How you feel inside, your tongue, teeth the temperature on your skin, again just accept and let it be. Also what can you smell, taste?

Step 2. Be more organised

Meal times are a classic time people (especially Mums) get stressed or feel anxious about what to do for dinner that night! Can you find a time to have a cooking session and do the meals in advance? Pop some in the fridge/freezer? make a list of what to cook for the coming week?

Step 3. Priority List

Lists are great ways of organising. Make a priority list of things to do. Tick things off as you go down the list. No one but you is in charge of when and how things get done at home so give yourself permission to sit down and relax, have some “me time”. Get outside in the garden as much as you can, if you have get the kids get them involved in planting seeds, digging holes!! Give children some responsibility (within reason!)to help you. Kids love to help and feel helpful.

Step 4. Letters

Take a few moments to write letters (not e mails!) to people you care about and tell them why you like them – the reaction of this can be quite outstanding! Remember to say “because” give a reason why you like/love them.  This is really powerful for a child to receive.

Step 5 .Analyse your feelings

Why am I feeling like this? What just happened to make me feel this way? What is the worst that can happen? What am I getting out of feeling this way? Whats it stopping me doing and why? Does anyone care?

Step 6. Spinning technique

Notice where the feeling is then what direction it is moving. Give it a colour and spin it out in the direction it is moving. Stop, change the colour then spin it back in the opposite direction.

Step 7. Control that inner voice

Stop the negative talking in your head, tell it to shut up and ****off! Tell yourself I can do this, I can do that, I am great at this that and whatever else I want to do Sing anything (you can’t sing and stress at the same time!)

Hope you find this helpful.  Remember, call me for an appointment if you need some help with anxiety or stress related issues. Tel: 01363 775935

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Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying

Imagine when you have overcome your fears of flying and been able to fly here -  lazing in the sun in paradise.

Imagine when you have overcome your fears of flying and been able to fly here – lazing in the sun in paradise.

At TBC Private Practice at Crediton near Exeter in Devon UK we understand how devastating a fear of flying can be for you and how it can affect work and the whole family.

A fear of flying has been deemed one of the most common forms of phobia after research from Hypnotherapy-Direct showed that an estimated twenty to forty percent of the population experienced anxiety and panic during a flight.* Usually based in a childhood experience, fear about flying is a learnt reaction, yet generally the fear is not related to the act of flying itself; rather, it tends to have a basis in claustrophobia, acrophobia (fear of heights), agoraphobia (fear of being away from a ‘safe place’, usually home) and anthropophobia (a fear of people) to name just a few. Generally, people find these other, more specific phobias become heightened during a plane journey due to the intense, close conditions and the lack of control over the situation, and so they naturally relate their fear down to the flying even though this may well not be the main cause of the panic, anxiety and worry.

For more serious cases, doctors will often prescribe anti-anxiety medication to people with a fear of flying prior to a flight, but it has been found that such drugs can end up aggravating the anxiety further still, and ultimately they prevent a person from actively dealing with their distress appropriately and in a more long term manner. Rather more dramatically and worryingly, people using these drugs regularly to enable them to fly showed that there was a “significant doubling of the hazard of death” ** This was backed by the World Health organisations’ own released research which states that the use of sedatives used on flights such as Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, Ativan or any form of sleeping pill can result in passengers increasing their risk of deep vein thrombosis, with the likelihood of it developing doubling over the course of a four hour flight and the risk remaining for around a month after a flight.

For regular flyers using such drugs, the risk is obviously dangerously compounded. Interestingly though, it seems it is not the safety aspect which causes the most fear of flying with a report done by the Boeing Company stating that only around 6 percent of adults generally found the act of flying to feel ‘unsafe’. In another study within the the same report, around a third of the people asked were said to be anxious due to the involvement of heights and the potential risk of death due to said height, but mostly, a sense of anxiety was affiliated to a far greater number of non life threatening issues such as bad weather, lost luggage and missed connections, although concern of flying over water and at night were also cited as caused for concern.***

The feelings associated with a fear of flying can be distressing in themselves, and can often become self fulfilling prophesies as the more someone with a phobia concentrates on the fear (and often, people can be worrying about taking a flight for weeks if not months in advance) the worse the it gets. The results of which can include, but are not limited to: • Tension in the muscles • Blurred vision • Stress headaches • Loss of sleep • Nausea or vomiting • Sweating • A racing heart and or hyperventilating • Panic attacks • Passing out • Dry mouth • Terror at the sense of being out of control There are several treatments for a fear of flying and its related concerns, one of which is hypnotherapy whereby hypnoanalysis can find the cause of the phobia and then enable the hypnotherapist to work with a patient to release and ultimately cure it.

Another method used to help those with such a phobia, is helping them to understand how safe flying is in reality. According to a US National Safety Council report, flying is 22 times safer than travelling by car with the average number of deaths in cars in the US alone over 6 months (around 21,000) being the equivalent to the average number of deaths occurring worldwide over 40 years. Such methods of treatment will also analyse the risk in a persons’ day to day life, such as crossing a road and walking up and down stairs etc and then compare those risks to that of flying. The outcome is generally deemed to be that a fear of flying is an ingrained, emotional response built up over time.

These responses can be changed with the use of Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques that we use at TBC Private Practice. We have helped many people to over come this fear so that they and their families can once again take greater enjoyment in life.

Make that decision now to turn your life around and open up your world – call us on 01363 775935 to make an appointment.





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Mental Illness, stress, anxiety and time out


Hello there from TBC Private Practice in the depths of Crediton Nr Exeter Devon UK. Hopefully this finds you well and enjoying the onset of spring at last! Just recently I enjoyed a wonderful week snow ski ing in France. So lucky as the sun was out all week, sky’s were blue and the snow cover was fab. Have you got a holiday booked this year? I would love to hear about it. Taking time out is so important to recharge the batteries and for our minds to rest and have chance to catch up!

There is a lot in the media lately about stress related illness (Mental Illness) such as depression,anxiety and stress not only at work but also at home which can lead to big changes in family dynamics which really does effect us and the children more than we realise sometimes. If you are struggling with stress or anxiety either at work or home please book an appointment now by telephoning 01363 775935 or e mail me at and lets get it under control.


With Easter just a week away are your thoughts turning to all those lovely irresistible chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies? Remember a moment in the mouth is a life time on the hips as the saying goes! Apparently we are genetically conditioned to search out high calorie foods which can make it all the more difficult to keep that weight stable. Need some help with keeping it under control? Book an appointment with me and see how you can change those cravings into something more healthy for you contact me at

Have a lovely Easter break and I look forward to seeing you soon. Teresa.x

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Living with Stress

Hello and welcome. In this blog I will talk about stress and related issues which is very much in the news at the moment.  I hope you find it interesting and please feel free to leave a comment.

The Truth About Living With Stress and Anxiety



A study* of 40,000 people by the Office For National Statistics (ONS) has demonstrated that around a fifth of UK adults have experienced anxiety and/or depression in their lives, with the highest results coming from the 50 to 54 year olds.** have reported that around 12 millions UK adults visit their GP to discuss mental health issues such as stress and anxiety each year, which is a huge leap from 2000 when government statistics*** showed that around 9.2 millions UK adults were reported to be dealing with mental health concerns.Whilst stress in itself is not a medical diagnosis, if left unchecked and allowed to develop it can lead to depression, extreme anxiety, a number of other severe mental health issues and even physical illnesses.

Stress in the short term can sometimes be considered to have a positive effect, for example, a surge of stress hormones can give you extra energy to get your through a physical sport or performance; a decreased pain sensitivity which is useful in the case of breaking a bone and a sharpened memory which can have a beneficial effect during an exam.

The issues come when the effects go on for too long and your body does not stop reproducing those stress hormones, even once the ‘danger’ has passed. This can lead to damaging physical and mental ailments such as:

• Blood sugar imbalance

•Extra abdominal fat stores

• Suppressed thyroid activity

Insomnia or the need to oversleep •

A loss of confidence in yourself and your abilities

• Lower bone density and muscle mass

• Raised blood pressure

• Decreased immunity

• A ‘foggy’ mind

• Loose stools and a frequent need to urinate

• Dizziness

• Trembling and sweating Raised heart rate and irregular heart beat.

Being under pressure, or feeling as though you are causes the stress hormone cortisone to release which would have assisted with the regular need to be in fight or flight mode far back in our evolutionary process – for example if we were under attack from a wild beast.

Though this is still required today on occasion, for example if you were to be attacked by a mugger, this response is generally not as necessary as it once was. This means that many of us still find ourselves dealing with the effects of this adrenaline rush during a simple argument, a time of upset or a difficult conversation with our boss. On one level we know there is no physical danger, yet our mind and body find themselves preparing for attack.

If the causes of your stress and anxiety are longterm, such as a difficult family situation or an unsatisfactory working environment, then you will find that you are in that fight or flight mind set more often than not due to the amount of stress hormone constantly releasing into your brain.

The report by** shows that 13.3 million working days are lost every year to such stress, depression and anxiety related issues – so you are not alone

what can be done about it?

It seems that, until we have evolved to no longer require our biological stress fight or flight response, we are stuck with it; but until then you can learn to control your stress and anxiety so that you may benefit from the adrenalin as and when you require it, but can then release it and go on with your day once the ‘danger’ has passed. The best way to deal with the stress and anxiety, whether you are currently affected by it, worry that you may be vulnerable to it due to a recent and difficult life change or have regular ups and downs, is to start to find ways to manage it.

Learning coping strategies can help you grow in confidence and start to feel free from your current high levels of stress and anxiety, ultimately allowing you to be able to move on with your life without fear.

To make an appointment in the comforting and secure surrounding of the TBC Private Practice please contact Teresa Bulford-Cooper on +44 (0) 1363 775935 or go to

* ** ***

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Weight loss programme

Need to Loose weight? Fed up with feeling fat and frumpy?





*Imagine yourself at your ideal weight and dress size

*listen to the compliments from your family and friends

*See and feel the difference in yourself as your self esteem and confidence grows

This five session treatment plan from our friendly understanding expert at TBC Private Practice will set you on a recovery path to the person you truly want to and deserve to be.

NOTE: This 5 session treatment plan is only for people who are serious and committed about loosing weight

Your Investment: £480.  Go on get yourself on that path now – you are so worth it!

To book your sessions at a time suited to you please telephone 01363 775935 now.

Payment by credit card or BACS on booking, please see our terms and conditions  here

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Serene surroundings

Relaxing by the river in Laos Asia, just watching the world go by.

Relaxing by the river in Laos Asia, just watching the world go by.

Serene surroundings

Sitting in the wonderful serene surroundings in Laos Asia, the river running by, surrounded by mountains covered in lush green vegetation and the hot sun baking the ground outside of my shaded area, I feel at peace with the world. Feeling slightly sorry for the young lady over in the hotel reception area who has waited over an hour for a guide to take her on a day trip of the area. After she asked at reception she was told that apparently they had forgotten to pick her up! She is having bit of a break down, all but stomping her feet, blood pressure sky high along with her voice…so extremely cross! I could feel the negative vibes and quickly made excuses to move out into the garden ” for a little sunshine”. By removing oneself from negative people as quickly as possible is always a good idea. Not only could it rub off on you and ruin your day but it is very contagious so you could pass it on too!

Remembering the calmness of the people in Bhutan where I recently visited has truly affected me and my thinking and reminded me of my Reiki Master training. Perhaps it would be wise for us to adapt to the Bhutan ways and keep ourselves healthier, less stressed and calm. After all situations do sort out without having to shout and get angry which at the end of the day is lack of control and not helpful to anyone. So stay calm and breath my friends, find your inner peace and be happy – which by the way is law in Bhutan! If you have problems finding it come and see me and I will teach you how to get there and you will have this wonderful tool for life.

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#Mindfulness in Bhutan

Gosh I thought it rained in England but sitting here at Chitwan National Park in Nepal it takes the biscuit! The rain has not stopped for two days solid so no jungle trekking looking for those elusive tigers and rare one horned Rhinos. It does however give me chance to catch up on the thoughts of Bhutan where I recently

Beautiful Bhutan

Beautiful Bhutan

spent 10 days in the company of the most beautiful people I have yet found on our planet. When I say beautiful I am not talking about outward looks but of that rare inner beauty of the person. They are so gentle,polite and kind. Their country as yet so pure and untouched by greed. Visiting the Zongs (Temples) took me back to Reiki and finding some of the signs and symbals written in the ancient Indian sanscripts  that we Reiki Masters use was sheer joy in my heart that we share something so precious which brings inner peace and harmony. The latest fad in England at the moment seems to be Mindfulness which has in fact been around for many thousands of years – something which is common in Bhutan and the people there. I fear it is something we have lost touch with in our commercial world . If you would like to learn Mindfulness for you or your children please contact me. Meanwhile I will get back to the rain and hope you are having better weather in England. X

Rain rain and more rain!

Rain rain and more rain!

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Children off to school/college

young studentsHello everyone!

Children back to or starting school? My Grandchildren returned to school last week; the eldest is starting to flexi board, so exciting times for him! Mind you, he wasn’t so sure when the time came for his mum to drop him off. Suddenly over whelmed that this was (in his eyes), leaving home and leaving his mum to cope with his annoying little brother on her own, there were a few tears!

This is quite normal when a child first leaves home the transition can be quite smooth or deeply traumatic, depending on the individual child and how they have chosen to perceived the move. There are new people and routines to get used to and no matter how well you try to reassure them that all will be fine, they will inevitably have the emotional wobbles at some point. Having said that; having left my eldest daughter for the first time at boarding school (many years ago now) I cried all the way home and for days after, thinking she was doing the same thing…… seeing her little crying face in my minds eye I had convinced myself that I had made a huge mistake. Only to be told the other day that ‘nope I didn’t cry because my best friend started at the same time so we had each other!’….. In fact i am told that they had a brilliant time and didn’t really give it a second thought! So you see it’s not just the children that have to get into new ways of thinking and doing things, we parents create scenarios in our minds things too!

Can you remember your first day at school?

I can remember my first day at primary school when my mother left me – I cried alll day – much to the annoyance of my teachers and the other pupils no doubt. The teacher had told my mother to “go” and “just leave me” assuring her I would be fine, but all I wanted to do was to kiss mummy goodbye and I would have been fine! But No! No one would listen to me, I am only a child and grown ups know best! Oh why, oh why couldn’t grown ups take a few moments to listen to children? Think about it now; how would you like it if no one listened to you, and railroaded you into things without explanation – “we know best”,”we know whats good for you” – ring any bells? I know I would have been fine if I had been able to just have that parting kiss! Thankfully (hopefully) things have changed a bit these days and theres always help employing if you are struggling using NLP techniques, coaching and hypnotherapy for the children, teachers and parents! Exceptional  Teachers and parents are really understanding of  little ones feelings and take time to see to their needs and listen to them – after all it is a basic human right!. Please do write in and tell me about your first day at school and any memories you have of school life. How has it influenced your life and career? I really would love to know, and as always do contact me if you are having any issues with your children or indeed yourself! Until next time…… stay well and be happy


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Time to put the feet up!

Kristen Stewart on crutches

Just recently having had a foot operation (not looking as glamourous as Kristen Stewart on the left!) which has lain me up for a few weeks – yes that’s why I have been so quiet!! – has given me time to think and reflect on many issues in life that we all have to cope with.  Having actually had time to read the newspapers, watch the TV and catch up on the world beyond my business has brought a new awareness of the stress in everyday life that people are living with. We seem to be such a stressful and  suffering society. Just imagine if we could all live stress free and live together in a pleasant peaceful way, wouldn’t that be lovely? We all try and deal with stress in different ways, some hold it in and others blast off! I truly believe that we need to teach the younger generation how to deal with stress so that that don’t follow in our footsteps and maybe that dream can be achieved.

When I am working in schools and colleges I notice quite quickly the young ones who suffer with problems that cause them stress, however, there are some that do not show on the outside and internalize their stress and suffer in silence. I was a silent suffer at school and so know all too well how a child can exist in that state. Dyslexia was my problem that remained undetected until I went to University in my 40’s.  It was only then that I realised that I was not thick (as I had felt at school) and discovered that in fact, I just had a different style of learning! Today, I am always pleased to give a talk anywhere within the Exeter, UK region on how I left school with just 6 CSE’s and how I became a very high achiever; sharing my story and experience as a coach to inspire the next generation of leaders. Get in touch if you think sharing my story with your students will help them increase their confidence and raise their self-esteem and acceptance.

Time to put my feet up again so until next time, chill and smile!

Be well,


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Our Young Leaders of the Future

Our Young Leaders of the Futureyoung students

Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying this wonderful summer. The long holidays for the young folk are already here for some and about to start for others.  Lately I have been working with  quite a few 6th formers who are preparing to take the next step in their future, be that onto Uni or out into the work place.  It always amazes me how un prepared they are at this stage, they are either looking forward to a long lazy holiday or maybe thinking of applying for a job.

Recently my colleague from the Kings School in Ottery St Mary Devon (where I have frequented many times to help the youngsters) brought an article printed in the Independent news paper to my attention titled: School leavers ‘lack skills for work’

Apparently  one in three business leaders are concerned at youngsters’ poor attitude to work, while more than half (52 per cent) are dissatisfied with school leavers’ communication skills.

– Business leaders called for schools to better prepare young people for the world of work.

– John Cridland, CBI Director-General, said: “Businesses feel very strongly that the education system must better prepare young people for life outside the school gates, or risk wasting their talents. The journey from school towards the world of work can be daunting, so we must support schools and teachers to help develop the skills, character and attitudes students need to progress in life.”

Obviously I have to agree as this is the very things I go into schools and colleges to coach youngsters on.  Those all important soft skills.  These days it is not enough to have great exam results the young folk need to know how to work in teams and alone, they are expected to have good communication and time keeping skills.  They need to be on top of their game, knowing how to dress accordingly,  how to conduct themselves in an interview and the all important C.V.

I have coached in many colleges and schools where the young folks have no idea that they even possess some of the skills to write on their CV’s.  Having played in a team at school can count as team work, dog walking, paper rounds or waiting at tables are using many skills which they are not aware of.  It gives me so much pleasure when I ask them if they have used communication skills and they say no – to realise that actually they have and been developing them along the way! They just need the confidence and the know how to make the best of themselves.

You owe it to your young folks to have the best start and have the best future that they possibly can – ask me into your school and colleges or ask about one to one sessions to coach your young leaders of the future.

Tel 01363 775935.

Heres the link to the Independent if you would like to read the whole article.


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Parent Coaching workshop

Parent Coaching workshop Wednesday on 4th June 

Juggling work and home life can sometimes be a struggle
Being a parent is the most important thing you will do in life and you are no doubt doing a great job, but do you find that sometimes juggling work and home life can sometimes be a struggle and issues set in? Come along and find how you can deal with these effectively. 
Time: 10.00 – 3 pm
Where: TBA – Crediton/Exeter area
Cost £150 per person.Light lunch and refreshments included
Book now to secure your place by phoning 01363 775935
We have ample free secure off road parking and really look forward to seeing you
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Confidence Work shop

Hello, hope you have been enjoying the wonderful sunshine we have been having lately.  Seems like summer is on it way at last! Lots of things going on at the Practice but to much to write about for the moment but watch out for TBC about to be launched – yes my new Coaching website aimed especially at Children, parents and teachers!  I am very proud to now be an accredited Life Coach by the CPD Standards Office, so come get some life changing things going on with some coaching with me.  Anyway without further ado:-
I would like to invited you to the following event:


Event to be held at the following time, date and location:

Thursday, 29 May 2014 from 10:30 to 13:00 (BST)

TBC Private Practice & Training
Hollacombe Farm
Hollacombe Hamlets
EX17 5BW Crediton
United Kingdom
Cost: £45

Are you the person thats being taken for granted, being put upon by others as you are to nice to say no – wanting people to like you? Are you wanting a promotion or pay rise at work but scared to ask for it? To shy to speak up for yourself or just need a little help?

What this workshop will do for you

*Show you how to become that confidence person waiting to get out!
*How to take control of life
*Ask for what you want
*Build your self esteem and confidence
*show you how to communicate better

Please be kind enough to share this event on your Facebook and Twitter pages – thank you.

Hope you can make it!

Kind regards,
To book your place please visit or phone the office on 01363 775935.

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Weight loss work shop



Weight Loss Workshop on Wednesday May 21st


Fed up with trying all those diets that don’t work or they do but you pile it back on again – and more? Well come along to this informal work shop and learn how to get a happier, healthier life style using our weight loss programme.  No diets, tape measures or scales in sight!

Teresa who is running the work shop was trained by the weight loss Guru Paul McKenna and has developed her own system incorporating his and many other techniques that she has found to work.

Time: 10.30 – 1pm

Where: At TBC Private Practice

Cost £45 per person.

Book now to secure your place at

We have ample free secure off road parking and really look forward to seeing you.


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