Soft Skills: Vital For A Teenager’s Best Chance Of Securing A Successful Future.

We all know how important solid soft skills are in making or breaking a career and building a secure social support network to help us through the ups and downs of general life.

Have you ever stopped to consider how important it is for your teenager to develop the right attitude and soft skills needed to help them secure a better future?

It’s not just soft skills in the workplace that count on the career ladder or in being socially successful.  With such high competition in securing university places, internships and work experience, it’s no longer enough to be securing top grades alone. In fact, it’s now accepted that a student with top grades but poor soft skills will not achieve a career or salary as great as an average-grade student with outstanding soft skills.

Presenting oneself as likable, being able to relate and listen to other people, finding creative ways forward in conflict resolution and the ability to prioritise and balance life elements… all of these aspects count in opening doors and excelling in life – and it counts in the teenage years when your child is learning about social dynamics and creating their base network of people and possibilities.

TBC Private Practice are running weekly courses throughout the summer holidays for teenagers in their GCSE and A-Level years, working specifically on soft skill development in a fun yet focused way.

We will teach and reinforce essential soft skills – many of which they won’t learn at school. Many of which will simultaneously enhance both their school learning and their future career prospects.

Don’t let your youngster miss out on a great life, book them on our course today by filling in the Teenager Soft Skill Course Booking Form.

Some of the skills we address are those such as:

Skills Essential for Employment:

Communication Skills

Decision Making Skills

Time & Pressure Management Skills

Leadership Skills

Creativity & Problem Solving Skills

Teamwork Skills

Skills & Tools For Enhanced Learning:

Learner Type Identification

Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking & Sub Skills

Skills & Tools For Progress:

Stress & Anxiety Management Skills

Visualisation Techniques

Confidence Building

Negotiation & Cooperative Thinking

Flexibility & Change Adaptation


Enhanced Absorption of Information


Exam Focus & Management


Investment: £ 365 per week

Time: 9 am – 4 pm (extra childcare can be arranged at extra cost – please ask if needed).

Location: TBC Private Practice, Hollacombe Farm, Hollacombe Hamlets, Crediton, EX17 5BW

Categories: Children, Coaching, Concentration and Productivity.