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Stomach Issues & IBS

TBC Private Practice in Nr Exeter, Devon have an excellent track record in using NLP and hypnotherapy in treating clients suffering with stomach issues. We know very well how it can interfere dramatically in your lifestyle. Having suffered with IBS for many years, Teresa at the Practice in Crediton has first hand experience and full empathy with you!  She can teach you how to be in more in control of your stomach issues and lead a better life style.

Did you know that approximately 25% of people in the industrialized world suffer with IBS? It can be caused by stress related issues, although no one really knows the cause. However, hypnotherapy has been found to play a big part in easing the symptoms of IBS and very often in identifying the causes. 70% of people using hypnotherapy have found hypnotherapy beneficial as reported recently by the Nursing Times.

Research by The University Hospital of South Manchester also found that 80% of patients who responded to hypnotherapy for IBS had either highly significant reduction in symptoms or had no symptoms at all after a 5 year follow up. To read a recent report from the BBC Health section Click here

How we can help you

By using hypnotherapy and NLP we will equip you with techniques which you can use immediately to help combat some of your symptoms – after your first visit you will begin to feel more in control of your condition. The first consultation will look into your lifestyle and seek areas in which we can work together to bring you a better outcome. In subsequent consultations we will work together on the symptoms and any underlying issues.

What our clients say  

I was forever worrying about finding the nearest loo if I went out anywhere; it completely took over my life. My stomach seemed to be constantly bloated, uncomfortable and was full of embarrassing wind!My friend suggested hypnotherapy, which I must admit did not cross my mind until then. After visiting Teresa for the first time some of my symptoms seemed to subside and I felt more in control. Teresa showed me how to overcome the tight feeling I sometimes had in my stomach immediately. After three visits I really felt I was getting somewhere as I was able to return to a more normal lifestyle. I have now stopped needing the loo ‘just in case’ and am so much happier with life. After looking into my life style we found quite a few triggers, mainly stress factors contributing to my condition. Working together on these issues I found new ways to deal with ife situations. The hypnotherapy has had big effects in other areas of my life as well as treating the IBS. Thank you Teresa you have helped me so much…