Crafty Depression

Depression has no outward symptoms so others may not realize that you are suffering, they just think you are miserable. It can appear at anytime and any age and it has no boundaries and should never be thought of as a weakness.

Depression is cruel and disabling and people around you often don’t understand, or lose patience after a little while after expecting you to ‘snap out of it’ – as if it were that easy. Maybe you are experiencing difficulties at work or school or home; there is usually something which is a catalyst to depression.

Here at TBC Private Practice we understand you and recognise that depression is an illness like any other. Teresa has met and helped many people, adults, adolescence and children over the years with depression using life coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming and other techniques from her huge bank of knowledge and tools.

She will spend time with you, listening and understanding where you are coming from and how she can help. TBC Private Practice can work alongside your doctor and consultants where necessary in giving you full support.

Benefits for you are:

  • We are experienced and very professional practitioners in this field
  • You will have complete support and our understanding
  • We give you ongoing e mail support for as long as you need it
  • Secure and safe surroundings in our beautiful comfortable Private Practice
  • Knowing you can “un load” and everything you say is confidential (unless it is illegal!)
  • A huge shoulder and a cup of tea!

Phone us today and make an appointment to start becoming the person you deserve and want to be. We are here to help on 01363 775935.

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