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Children back to or starting school? My Grandchildren returned to school last week; the eldest is starting to flexi board, so exciting times for him! Mind you, he wasn’t so sure when the time came for his mum to drop him off. Suddenly over whelmed that this was (in his eyes), leaving home and leaving his mum to cope with his annoying little brother on her own, there were a few tears!

This is quite normal when a child first leaves home the transition can be quite smooth or deeply traumatic, depending on the individual child and how they have chosen to perceived the move. There are new people and routines to get used to and no matter how well you try to reassure them that all will be fine, they will inevitably have the emotional wobbles at some point. Having said that; having left my eldest daughter for the first time at boarding school (many years ago now) I cried all the way home and for days after, thinking she was doing the same thing…… seeing her little crying face in my minds eye I had convinced myself that I had made a huge mistake. Only to be told the other day that ‘nope I didn’t cry because my best friend started at the same time so we had each other!’….. In fact i am told that they had a brilliant time and didn’t really give it a second thought! So you see it’s not just the children that have to get into new ways of thinking and doing things, we parents create scenarios in our minds things too!

Can you remember your first day at school?

I can remember my first day at primary school when my mother left me – I cried alll day – much to the annoyance of my teachers and the other pupils no doubt. The teacher had told my mother to “go” and “just leave me” assuring her I would be fine, but all I wanted to do was to kiss mummy goodbye and I would have been fine! But No! No one would listen to me, I am only a child and grown ups know best! Oh why, oh why couldn’t grown ups take a few moments to listen to children? Think about it now; how would you like it if no one listened to you, and railroaded you into things without explanation – “we know best”,”we know whats good for you” – ring any bells? I know I would have been fine if I had been able to just have that parting kiss! Thankfully (hopefully) things have changed a bit these days and theres always help employing if you are struggling using NLP techniques, coaching and hypnotherapy for the children, teachers and parents! Exceptional  Teachers and parents are really understanding of  little ones feelings and take time to see to their needs and listen to them – after all it is a basic human right!. Please do write in and tell me about your first day at school and any memories you have of school life. How has it influenced your life and career? I really would love to know, and as always do contact me if you are having any issues with your children or indeed yourself! Until next time…… stay well and be happy


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