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Hello, hope you have been enjoying the wonderful sunshine we have been having lately.  Seems like summer is on it way at last! Lots of things going on at the Practice but to much to write about for the moment but watch out for TBC about to be launched – yes my new Coaching website aimed especially at Children, parents and teachers!  I am very proud to now be an accredited Life Coach by
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Coaching Time!

    Hi Folks. Just returned from the Health Farm where I spent a few relaxing days ( I know, lucky me!).  Laying on the sun bed in the warmth of the conservatory there, I was pondering how I could tell you about the exciting news at the Practice.  I feel sure that you would like share the excitement with me, you see I have been Independently accredited as a CPD Coach with the CPD
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10 steps to help you keep to your New Year Resolutions

  1.Resolutions are the same as having a goals so make realistic goals and write them down – other wise it will just be a dream.  Something happens in the mid when you write your goals down, they become a reality. 2. Make a commitment to yourself. Tell yourself what your goal is and think about how you can go about reaching it.  Chunk it down into small manageable steps and write a plan of
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Crafty Depression

Depression has no outward symptoms so others may not realize that you are suffering, they just think you are miserable. It can appear at anytime and any age and it has no boundaries and should never be thought of as a weakness. Depression is cruel and disabling and people around you often don’t understand, or lose patience after a little while after expecting you to ‘snap out of it’ – as if it were that
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