Back to School & off to Uni

Back to School & off to Uni Back to School   I can nearly hear the sigh of relief from some parents as their little darlings are returning to school after the summer holidays! Whilst it may be a relief for parents it can be quite a stressful time for some youngsters.  They may be moving up to a new class/year or just starting or changing school.  These stresses/anxieties if not treated quickly can turn into full
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Public Speaking – Nailing the speech.

It has been estimated that 75% of all people experience some degree of anxiety or nervousness when speaking in public. Speech anxiety is the fear of public speaking or speaking in general, it’s referred to as  ‘Glossophobia’ which comes from the Greek γλῶσσα glōssa, meaning ‘tongue’ and φόβος phobos, meaning ‘fear’ or ‘dread’.   What’s happening in the body? As you are about to do something which your mind perceives to be a frightening thing,
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Those Bad Habits!…

Habits can be the most bizarre thing – you do whatever it is that you don’t want to do, but it seems so natural that you don’t think about it and do it regardless. The good news is that those annoying bad habits can be broken and new ones established in their place. Those of you who read my article on confidence will know that I like to tell stories – well, we all like
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